Dog & Cat Minding

In House Service

We provide an in house service in the comfort of your own home. Giving you peace of mind that your pets are being well cared for in their own environment. It is a fantastic alternative to a boarding kennel, bringing less stress to your babies whilst you are away. We cater for all breeds.

This service is particularly well suited to those owners who travel overnight for work, take short trips or weekends away. We also cater for hospital stays, sometime owners need to take a break, therefore unable to look after their trusted friends, let us come in daily and do the job for you! We also cater for holiday makers, providing peace of mind that your family members are being walked, fed and cleaned up after in your absence.

We also look after any medical requirements for those family members that may require additional attention.

The added benefits to having your babies cared for at home, means there is no risk of getting any illness or disease from other animals in boarding kennels. Also now there is no need to hassle the neighbor’s or other friends or family to feed, medicate, clean up mess or walk your pet whilst you are away. You can rest assure they are in good hands!

We will provide you with an up to date photo and a message to let you know how they are going, so you will rest and relax and enjoy your break, knowing the rest of the family at home are safe and well.

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Please send a query via our Contact page, or phone 0499 013 066, Jenni will be happy to discuss your needs.

Dog Walking

This service is great for pensioners or people with a disability who can no longer walk their dogs, it’s also great for people who are just time poor or your furry friend might be staying with the Grand Parents and they are not up to walking the dog. It is important that your furry friend still gets the exercise and the stimulation they require. Otherwise dogs too get depressed and destructive if they are bored. Our dog walking service is offered from 30mins to 1 hour, ring and have a chat so we can work out a time suitable for you.

We also offer this service as part of our packages for holiday makers or people who travel for work.


Tiny Paws specialise in small to medium breeds. Let Tiny Paws Pet Minding and Grooming help you manage the grooming of your best friend. Whatever your grooming needs are, we are more than happy to assist. We take everything into consideration, from the age of the animal (special needs), the lifestyle of the dog and to the owner’s requirements. We offer a personalised service with fully qualified staff to assist with all your needs, finding a look that is practical as well as manageable. From our, “Puppy Package (up to 5 months)” to our “Standard Bath, Brush & More Package” to “The Ultimate Premium Grooming Package”, we offer a variety of dog grooming packages that are just right for your Dog.

We have the latest technology in Hydro ‘Spa’ Bath equipment, regulated from low to high, so we are able to use the correct setting specific to your dog’s treatment. If it is a small dog we use a lower pressure wash to ensure our puppies or smaller breeds have a gentle wash time. For our medium breeds that have thick coats may require a higher pressure water flow, we are able to use the higher setting to get dirt partials out of their coats. This will ensure a cleaner coat and finish.

A Hydro ‘Spa’ Bath is an effective way of deep cleaning your dog’s coat, assisting in the removal of unwanted hair and dirt partials. Less hair in the home!

We are passionate about making dogs look great and seeing our Pet Parents smile. That is why we only use premium shampoos and treatments.

Grooming by Appointment only. Prior bookings are essential to ensure we can arrange the appropriate time for your appointment. We also offer a free pickup/delivery for local residents.

We also offer a FREE pickup/delivery for local residents only.