About Us

Hello my name is Jenni (Tiny).

I am a fully qualified Dog Groomer, I have completed my certificate’s I, II and III in Dog Grooming at Box Hill Tafe.

I am a lover of dogs and cats and we have had both dogs and cats over a number of years.

For the last 25 years I’ve been the proud owner of Rottweilers! We also have a lovely little Cairn terrier.

For a number of years I worked overseas, in America at the Pet Adoption Agency. The Pet Adoption Agency was located in Farmington Missouri, and I looked after dogs and cats on a voluntary basis. This included daily feeding, caring and playing with the animals.

I am a life member of Eastern Companion Training. This has been a valuable experience for both my dogs. I have found the different training methods useful and apply them in my daily dealings with other peoples dogs.

My primary objective is the care and the welfare of animals. I hope that you will find my service helpful and will give you peace of mind that your pets are in good hands.